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Armed Forces and Soldiers Auto Insurance Quotes

As a veteran of any of the armed services, you are entitled to a number of benefits from a wide variety of places. One of those benefits is the ability to save a large amount of money on your auto insurance. That benefit can also extend to your spouse and other members of your family in some cases. There are some requirements to meet to get this insurance coverage and discounts, however.  If you are shopping for a new policy, it is important to know about armed forces/soldiers auto insurance.

Companies that Specialize in Armed Forces Auto Insurance

While most insurance companies will offer a discount to members of the armed forces, there are some that specialize in specific insurance coverage for soldiers. These companies may be a better option for the armed forces/soldiers auto insurance needs because they can offer additional benefits. These include:

  • Much lower premiums with more substantial discounts
  • Specialized service, geared toward soldiers and others in the armed forces, including quotes that take in mind time spent away from home during tours or deployments
  • Additional insurance coverage that is dedicated to the military personnel and may not be offered to the general public
  • May extend benefits to the family members of the service member, including spouse, children and parents

Companies that Offer Discounts to Military Persons

In addition to companies that specialize, most other insurance companies do offer discounts to soldiers and other members of the armed forces. There are some criteria for choosing these companies:

  • Before getting a quote, ask whether you qualify for an insurance discount. Some do not discount for active service, only veterans, while others will discount for both circumstances.
  • Ask about discounts for your family members, which can include your spouse, children or parents in some cases.

Qualifying for Armed Forces/Soldiers Auto Insurance and Discounts

To qualify for these discounts as well as specialized insurance for your needs, there are several things that you will need to ask. The insurance company will also have a few things they need from you before giving you these discounts.

  • The discount can only be given to those who were honorably discharged. You will have to show proof of this.
  • Active members of the armed forces may be able to get discounts by showing that they are serving. A valid identification card or other documents may be needed to qualify.
  • ID and other documents may be needed to extend the same discounts to members of the family as well.

Before buying a policy, make sure that you are getting at least three quotes and then compare not only the price of the premium but the level of coverage and the type of service that you are getting as well.  If you are an active member of the armed forces, you might consider asking about deployment and other issues to lower your overall insurance costs.