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Discount Veterans Auto Insurance

flag and rosesIf you are a veteran who has been honorably discharged, you should know about veterans’ auto insurance. Because this type of discount car insurance is only available to veterans, you should take full advantage of the benefit. The trick is to get different quotes on this type of automobile insurance and shop around. You can compare rates and determine which one works best for you.

Some companies offer steep discounts for veterans, and you can get great savings that civilians cannot access. Active duty service people and veterans can both enjoy the break on premiums some insurance providers offer. In fact, the average savings can be around 15%.

Veterans Auto Insurance – Because You Have Earned It

If you served your country in the United States Military and were honorably discharged, there is no reason you shouldn’t expect some compensation. Insurance companies offer this as a way to express gratitude for those men and women for their time serving in the U.S. Military. There are a few things you should know about lower rates for veterans’ car insurance.

  • Most auto insurance companies offer a discount to veterans for their policy. It is just a matter of finding the company that offers you the best discounted premiums, while still providing you with the policy and coverage you want.
  • Insurance companies understand that most veterans retain their disciplined standards, which carry over into their driving behavior and habits. For that reason, veterans are a low risk when it comes to driving insurance. If you have a respectable driving record, you can expect to see some great rates for your auto insurance.
  • Factors such as drunk driving or driving under the influence infractions may still prevent you from getting discounts on veterans’ auto insurance. This puts a driver into the high risk driver classification. Other things that can make you “high risk” include: multiple driving infractions, accidents or convictions relating to your driving. You will have to pay higher rates. However, you will probably still be able to find lower rates as a high risk driver with veterans’ car insurance than standard rates for non-veterans.
  • You can, in most cases, also include members of your family on this type of insurance policy. That means all of your family will receive the same discounted benefits that you do! Your service in the military means savings for the entire family.
  • You will need your military information when you request your discounted veteran automobile insurance. You can, however, begin to get an idea of the rates available for veterans by simply providing your zip code and getting rates from multiple companies that offer this discount.

Getting Your Veteran Discounts

You should know some companies specialize in just discounted insurance for veterans. Even those insurance providers that do not insure just military usually offer some type of active duty and veteran discount for car insurance policies.

Simply provide us with your zip code and find out about the low rates you could be taking advantage of for your veterans’ auto insurance policy.